Premiere of the new Amazon Prime Video production

December 5, 2022

The premiere of Amazon Prime Video’s new production, “Operation Dark Tide”, was held at the Tivoli Theater. RTP and Prime Video, in Lisbon, the premiere of the series “Operation Black Tide”, inspired by the true story of the first narcosubmarine intercepted in Europe, with the presence of some of the protagonists including Lúcia Moniz, Álex González, Leandro Firmino, David Trejos, the Portuguese director of the series, João Maia and representatives of Ficción Producciones and Ukbar Filmes.

The series, inspired by true events, tells the story of the first narco-submarine intercepted in Europe. Operation Black Tide transports us to November 2019, when a homemade submersible crosses the Atlantic Ocean with 3 tons of cocaine. Inside, 3 men survive storms, chains, breakdowns, hunger, arguments, and constant police pressure. In charge is Nando, a young Galician, a sailor and amateur boxing champion with no economic resources, who is forced to look for other ways to make a living.
The event was produced by CINEBOX.

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