Municipal Cinemas

CINEBOX is responsible for distributing and programming movies in over 70 municipal auditoriums and movie theaters.

CINEBOX aims to take the cultural and cinematographic offer to the entire national territory, providing access to culture and cinema to populations outside large urban centers.

CINEBOX guarantees access to movies from the major movie studios, such as Disney, Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, MGM, and 20th Century Studios, among others.

With CINEBOX, municipalities will also be able to access films from the independent circuit, as well as extensions of the best film festivals.

It is CINEBOX ‘s responsibility to send all publicity materials related to the movies for exhibition in theaters, namely posters, trailers, and content for social networks.

CINEBOX provides support in programming films for municipal auditoriums and movie theaters.

CINEBOX has a highly qualified team, guaranteeing technical support to movie theaters 24h a day.

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